S/V Thaleia

A Wooden Schooner Sailing on the Chesapeake Bay

Month: May 2009

Return to Ferngully

We have a lot of catching up to do, I’m afraid.

We left Morehead City on Wednesday the 6th. We traveled 101 miles!!!! that day, making into an anchorage in Alligator Creek. This is the place where we fouled our anchor last time, but we were prepared if it happened again. We completed the long day by starting out at 6am and anchoring around 730pm. Whew! We were tired, but felt so accomplished. Since we’ve been sitting in so many places, we felt we needed to get some distance under our belts. Up early the next morning, we easily pulled up anchor and headed out. The sky was full of dark clouds and we were a little nervous about heading out, but we didn’t want to get stuck somewhere again! We managed to get just through the bridge there in Alligator Creek when the sky threatened to open up.

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The Saga Continues

Well… it was no hurricane, alien abduction, or anything crazy like that…. and it wasn’t anymore fires…. it’s a bridge this time around. Oh jeez.

We are staying in Morehead City, NC for a few days because a bridge coming into VA is getting removed and they’re closing the ICW. There isn’t really a way around it and so we have to wait. Getting home is not easy, but hey! We had a great day with the sails up coming into Morehead City. And we went to a wooden boat show today and the maritime museum. We’re planning to find a place with a TV for the Kentucky Derby today. We hope everyone enjoyed Gold Cup. Beautiful weather here, so we hope so there too.

Well… stay tuned for the next in the exciting adventures of the Hilschers. 😛

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