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Space Shuttle Launch!

We had a front row seat. We could see all the NASA buildings and would have seen first hand how the shuttle would have taken off. We were too many days early. What with the constant delays they’ve had, we feared that if we stayed it would get delayed and we’d run into a problem either with weather or losing our slip at the marina we booked. Sadly, we moved on.

Rocket stream.

We’re in Daytona now and got to see the launch from here. It came up above some nearby apartment buildings and headed our direction in the sky. We saw the boosters leave the shuttle and the shuttle disappear into the sky. It was pretty amazing. The stream left behind it was caught by the setting sun and reflected a rainbow of colors. Unfortunately the camera could not quite capture the exquisite color range. We did not get to hear any sound, but were so happy to get to see it take off.

Good weather and happy sailing!

PS. There is a video of what we could see posted in photos, under the FL section.



Homeward Bound

Well… we had a wonderful time. The weather wasn’t always the most cooperative, but the idea behind the trip was fulfilled. And that was to go to the Bahamas, sail around, see some new places, meet some new people, and spend time together as a family. Accomplished!

We met some wonderful people that we hope we will continue to keep in touch with and would love to see and visit again. The Bahamas, more specifically the Abacos, were a beautiful place. The people were so friendly and welcoming, the views were astonishing, the architecture unique. We of course enjoyed several meals of conch and lobster (different from the Maine lobster) and grouper whenever we got the chance. We will miss that now that we are headed home.

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Back to Manjack!

We hung out in Guana Cay for a few days and were joined by our friend Terry Briggs. He rented us a golf cart and we all cruised around the island hoping to check out the new Baker’s Bay (a brand new/still in construction) resort and marina. It is very controversial on the island, as it wants to build a golf course. Most of the locals are completely against this idea, because of what it will do to the island and the reef surrounding the island. Unfortunately, we found it gated off and because we weren’t “guests” we were not allowed. What riff raff we are. So we went to the other side of the island and found that Orchid Bay Resort and Marina was gated as well. Our trip around the island was cut short, but didn’t stop us from cruising the “back roads” one of which I got the golf cart stuck, backed into a poisonwood tree, and then found some hose hanging down. WHOOPS! Thank you Terry! It was a lot of fun.

Barefoot Man was fun. There was a good opening band, Stone McEwan, lots of people and good friends. Our friends from Ripple made it down, the first time in 2 years they’ve moved their boat. We’re kicking them out of the No Sailing Club! But happy to have them on the seas again! J After Barefoot Man, we headed down to Hopetown for the Heritage Festival. It was pretty neat… the town is so small and quaint. It has the classic New England style homes and small narrow roads that you would think impossible to even drive a golf cart down. We got to go up in one of three of the last kerosene hand cranked lighthouses. We saw Thaleia in the anchorage and had a wonderful view.

Yesterday we headed back up around the Whale and spent the night in the beautiful Manjack Cay. Mom caught a fish!!! We believe it was a small amberjack! She was so excited!!!! Of course the camera battery died part way through. Bummer. When we anchored, we were able to swim! And we saw 2 sharks, a baby ray, some cool fish, and 2 dolphin! We saw all the wildlife yesterday! It was so amazing!

Good weather and happy sailing!

Guana Go Back

Well… we just couldn’t stay away. We’re back at Guana Cay and loving it. We went up yesterday after getting (on our same mooring πŸ™‚ with Troy at Dive Guana) and saw Suzanne, Edner, and Christine at Nippers. We were good though and only had a quick lunch.

This morning we went and tried out Grabbers, another bar and grill. We had a wonderful lunch, probably the best burger in all the Bahamas, and a beautiful view. If the internet were doing better, I would post pictures, but I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for those.

We’re here and ready for the Barefoot Man concert. We were joking that we couldn’t get a spot but came to find we had a pick of the litter. πŸ™‚ Only a few more days!

Also, I would send out personal emails to let people know, but the internet is really really really really slow, so I’m going to post it on here. I just got word today that I have been accepted into VCU’s Rehabilitation Counseling program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I now have a choice between social work or rehab counseling and will have to make my decision by April 30th. YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Good weather and happy sailing!

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