We had a front row seat. We could see all the NASA buildings and would have seen first hand how the shuttle would have taken off. We were too many days early. What with the constant delays they’ve had, we feared that if we stayed it would get delayed and we’d run into a problem either with weather or losing our slip at the marina we booked. Sadly, we moved on.

Rocket stream.

We’re in Daytona now and got to see the launch from here. It came up above some nearby apartment buildings and headed our direction in the sky. We saw the boosters leave the shuttle and the shuttle disappear into the sky. It was pretty amazing. The stream left behind it was caught by the setting sun and reflected a rainbow of colors. Unfortunately the camera could not quite capture the exquisite color range. We did not get to hear any sound, but were so happy to get to see it take off.

Good weather and happy sailing!

PS. There is a video of what we could see posted in photos, under the FL section.