S/V Thaleia

A Wooden Schooner Sailing on the Chesapeake Bay

St. Augustine

We took a day trip up to St. Augustine and walked the sights. It was a cloudy day but cool. We wandered the main streets and saw all of the old Spanish buildings, the first school house in America, and tons of beautiful architecture. We passed by Flagler College and went to the Fort. It was a wonderful day. We went to this little restaurant that Mom says reminded her of Spain. We ordered tapas and tasted wine.
St Augustine
Other than our little day trip, we’ve been hanging out in Daytona still. We are looking for a window to leave, but the weathermen keep talking about the dreaded g-word… gale! We are destined for gale storms through Monday. We’ve visited the beach often, perused all the used books stores and even Barnes and Nobel, visited Wal-Mart, Target, and the flea market (thanks to Kaitlynn). 🙂 It was full of fun stuff.
We are looking forward to coming home.

Good weather and happy sailing to all!



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  1. Hi Thaleia,
    We loved St Augustine!

    Crossed the Mona! now in Puerto Rico.

    Have a great summer on the cheasapeake.

    Robert & Trish

  2. I found you blog by chance.
    We went to St Augustine with Anthea,, sistership of Thaleia, and loved it too.

    Happy to see you're enjoying sailing on your 38-40!
    How did you eventually re-motorise her ?
    I know Thaleia we met in Cap Canaveral in 2007, with her previous owners. Both schooners were alongside!
    Anthea will be back in USA, hopefully for 2012 summer may be we'll be able to meet together.

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