Hello out there! We’re still hanging out in Daytona. The trip isn’t officially over yet, but we are getting to a close. At the moment, we are in search of a weather window to leave. We must go out to the Atlantic around Georgia because of too shallow waters, but the weather is not cooperative. The winds today are 25-30 gusting upwards of 50!!! I don’t think it would be a good day to leave and unfortunately our next few days look much the same. We may have a window coming up the end of this week. 🙂 VA here we come!

I apologize for lack of photos. The only new ones we have that are not yet posted are from our tour of St. Augustine, but the internet has been most uncooperative as well. Grrrr… it’s a sensitive point on this boat. Photos will have to come later. Other than those, we have not been anywhere to take any. Sorry folks!

Hope everyone is doing well!

Good weather and happy sailing!